Why desk Mats?

Over the last 7 years of selling my work I have been able to connect with so many people and hear stories of how my work has allowed people to process their daily lives.

Since the pandemic many people have transitioned to working from home, and a I wanted to find a way to bring the peace of the cosmos to work life as well!

Behold the desk mats were born. This is my second collection of space mats, and they now include LEDS! Whether at work or at home you can customize space for your perfect your set up!

LED Desk Mats

process of each design

✓ Hours of telescope time

✓ Processing data

✓ Finding and testing the perfect items I would want in my own home

✓ Designing all the items

✓ Share the items with people who also love space

Space isn't just for people

Its for pups too!! Earlier this year Ian and I recused two little pups vinnie and colin. Being in a house full of astro nerds the pups felt like they needed some space gear all their own!

Bring Space Anywhere

Physical items don't always fit into everyone's life. Which is why I have created a bundle of High-resolution images of my paintings and photography!

The Cosmic Union Digital Bundle includes not just this project but my others as well. Allowing you to take space anywhere you go!

Meet Cat and Ian

This is the first astrophotography collaboration project between Ian and I and it was the perfect storm. We're both OBSESSED with the universe. But it hasn't been until now that we could work together collaboratively.

Ian has the most insane knowledge of telescope setups as well as amazing skills and pre-processing, and I really excel in post processing and getting the images to sparkle.

The reason why the collaboration is so beautiful, is how we've been able to support each other in the areas we need help with.

As you know astrophotography is very complex and I'm a beginner with still so much to learn. Ian has been such an incredible teacher, guiding us both though the data collection.

Also, you might not realise that I'm a tetrachromat meaning I can see more colours than the average person, whilst Ian has Deutan meaning there are many colours he's not able to see.

Together we made this perfect Cosmic Union.

Worldwide FREE shipping

From Antarctica to Zimbabwe, we ship all over the world. All parcels are shipped with a tracking code so that you can check the progress of your delivery. 

We also have a dedicated team here to help you if you need support. Feel free to contact me (cat@catmachin.com) if you need anything at all.

Please allow up to 10 business days for your order to ship. I want to make sure you receive your items! If there are any issues with shipping, I will be more than happy to ship you another product free of charge.

who is CATHRIN ?

Her mission is to connect you back to the universe and to help you look back to the stars so you can find your meaning in its vastness.

Working tirelessly over the last few years, she has been dedicated to representing space in the most badass because everyone is facing a global light pollution issue that is robbing everyone of the ability to see the stars at night.

Cathrin is one of the world's most loved space artists and the highest crowd funded painter in the world. Having painted for billionaires, prolific space companies, and world renowned Scientists, her artwork has gone on to be featured on the Discovery Channel and is soon to be placed in some of the world's top museums.


"Cathrin has the ability to capture the soul of her scene in her art. I find myself starring into her works of art and losing myself in the moment..just as one gets mesmerized starring at the rolling flicking flames of a campfire and the colors it emits. What's amazing is she is just beginning to showcase this rare talent."

John K.

"What an amazing artist--bringing the universe into our hearts and homes like no one else has! I cannot imagine a greater feat in the world of artistic expression. Inspiring minds in the way of art and/or science."

Ben T.

"Most talented artist I’ve ever met. Caring and loyal to all of her customers and if ever there was a issue she is sure to fix it double time."

Jesse S.

"I love Cat’s art and have been involved since her first Kickstarter. Her work is mind blowing (and it glows in the dark!). She’s totally down to earth and super talented."

Jacque S.