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Size Details:


  • 680 USD - 30"x40" front when stretched. Total size with border: 36"x46"


About the Crescent Nebula: 

The Crescent Nebula is evidence of the beauty that can be emitted in the process of a star dying. In particular the crescent is a depiction of the aftermath of a Wolf-Rayet star, typically short lived ( in relativity to other stars) because of rapid speed in which these massive stars burn their fuel.

Out of all the images this is the only one we did not shoot from our backyard in Alabama. Rather we shot this image remotely using a telescope located in California.


Product Details:

  • Print on Luxurious Acid-Free Hahnemühle 100% Cotton Canvas.
  • Printed by an internationally renowned print studio in London.
  • Designed to last, with an archival life of 80+ years.
  • Features a generous additional 3" border on each side for easy framing.
  • Ships worldwide, rolled in a tube with acid-free tissue paper.
  • Produced using sustainable materials from an end-to-end carbon neutral service, helping offset all carbon emissions from the supplier.




This is the first astrophotography collaboration project between Ian and I and it was the perfect storm. We're both OBSESSED with the universe. But it hasn't been until now that we could work together collaboratively.

Ian has the most insane knowledge of telescope setups as well as amazing skills and pre-processing, and I really excel in post processing and getting the images to sparkle.

The reason why the collaboration is so beautiful, is how we've been able to support each other in the areas we need help with.

As you know astrophotography is very complex and I'm a beginner with still so much to learn. Ian has been such an incredible teacher, guiding us both though the data collection.

Also you might not realise that I'm a tetrachromat meaning I can see more colours than the average person, whilst Ian has Deutan meaning there are many colours he's not able to see.

Together we made this perfect Cosmic Union



When do these prints ship?

- Please allow up to 5 business days for these prints to ship.

How long is the delivery time?

- Please allow anywhere between 1 and 2 weeks for these prints to be delivered.

How should these be stretched?

- While we recommend professional stretching, economical options are available. We have created a stretching guide for those who wish to complete this step themselves.

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